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  •  Thanks for sending!!  Sure wish we could go, so hard that far with little ones.. thanks for adding us to your E-mail list!!  Richie is just great..  I love going out to see him.. and his parents are the greatest people and bestest friends you could ever ask for!!  Noelle  Dec 30
  •  Richie is best known for his tribute to Buddy Holly.  Seventeen year-old Richie has performed on stage with the Crickets (Buddy Holly’s band), Bobby Vee, the Drifters, the Shirelles, and many of the other early Rock ’n Roll bands.  If you have ever tapped your feet to the music of Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Ritchie Valens, Roy Orbison, Elvis, the Everly Brothers and many others,  you won’t want to miss “Richie Lee & The Fabulous 50’s.” 
  •  The new website is AWESOME--very informative and genuinely creates interest and excitement--we are going to include it on the posters/flyers for the sock hop.  I was surprised by much of the information. "Richie is one of Des Moines best kept secrets"--maybe we can change that a little bit with the sock hop.  Merry Christmas to you and your family and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2008!  Barb Bloomquist Dec 24
  •  Hi Richie, So glad to have found you online again. Will be seeing you again real soon.  Sherry Dec 24
  •  Hey Richie, It was great meeting you this summer at the Ankeny Bandshell gig.  Glad to see that you're out there gigging and paying tribute to some great music.  See ya out on the road.  Ryan (The Box Brothers Band) Faculty - Ames Music Studios/Iowa School of Rock  Dec 19
  •  Hi Richie!  I really enjoyed watching your performance and talking with you and your Mom at the IRRMA Hall of Fame event this past September.  You amaze me with your pure and sincere talent along with your "nice guy" personality.  Keep up the good work!  Dave Chapman Mpls, MN  Dec 17
  •  Good job Richie at the Legion Hall last night that CD is great.  Nancy and Jim  Dec 8
  •  Hi =3 you're amazing... You have a very talented gift. 
          You are very unique and hopefully you'll never change; mousey  Nov 30
  •  Hey Richie!!!   Hope everything is well with u!!! u have got to make it to Elvis Week again this year-We miss u!!! it was dull without u!!! Hope u had a great thanksgiving!!! Hope to hear from u soon!!!   MISS U!!   xoxo  Chelsea :-)
      Chelsea Monroe  -An Elvis Presley Fan--aka MEL--TCB
  •  Hi Richie,  We just got back from your show at the Riverside. It was GREAT.  We got to see you sing a variety of songs. Not just Buddy Holly. That was our first time to see that. You are so good. I think you could sing anything you would want to. Thank you for doing the show.  Hope to see many more shows.  Thanks Deena  Nov 25
  •  Hay Richie,  We had a great time last weekend in Elkhorn WI.  Getting to know you and your family better.  your parents are very special people. I loved your show.  As I told you then, you have a God Given Talent. It is wonderful.  You and Junior together where great. How fun it was to watch you both enjoying yourselves so much. I would love to be on your mailing list. See you in Riverside. Deena Moyle "Junior & Alisa's fan club president" Nov 19
  •  Richie,  Again thank you for taking me back in time to a carefree and fun era of my life.  Great show at the Monte Carlo Room on Friday in Elkhorn, WI.  Mary Hayden ( the lady with the butterfly kisses) Nov 18
  •  Love the turquoise jacket in a photo, and shoes and shirt in another.  Very nostalgic like.  I used to have a sweater that color!  Wish I still had it. I also like the malt shop effect with the illustration of the guy and girl.
    I like the fact that you use vintage era type guitars like the Gretsch, Strat, and Dot Archtop (ES335 copy).  Many nostalgic acts (even some in Iowa) don't use guitars or copies dated from that era.  To play guitar models that are a dated contemporary (80's 90's etc.) doesn't make it very memorable.  But the Srat, Gretsch, and Gibson ES335 existed in that era, so that gives it more effect.!  Rayl Robbins  Oct 30
  •  Hi Richie! You're doing such a great job! We are so proud of you!!!!!!  Nancy and Richard have done a great job raising you. You were really hot with Touchplay at the casino. Keep allowing all of us to enjoy your great talent.  Harold & Esther , Clear Lake Your clothing designer. See you soon!!!! Oct 25
  •  Hey Richie!! Just a short note saying  what a GREAT SHOW!!!! Yesterday at Riverside, you and Touch Play sounded great together, looking forward to seeing you again real soon, keep up the great job and we love your music Lots of love to you!!! Larry,Sharon,Lorie and Madison  Oct 22
  •  Hi Richie it me, ty for playing with me last night in Boone Iowa.  It was a great show and I really enjoy playing with you. So you know we are going to do it again real soon ty my friend Jerry,,,Jerry & The New Boys Band ty pal Oct 14
  •  Hi Richie,
    My name is Marya aka Dulce_Nina_001 a friend and cyber daughter of Jerry's. I had the opportunity and honor  in seeing and hearing  a few of your videos in which Jerry played for myself and a few cyber sisters and I must say that in my own personal opinion you are an extraordinary entertainer. I was amazed by your performance as well as your resemblance ( both voice and looks ) to the late Buddy Holiday an must say I enjoyed them so very much.
    You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and through that gift  I am capable of identifying the fact that you have the ability of making people smile not only on the exterior but the interior  (within one's heart) as well  which within itself is the proof of great accomplishment.  I would like to wish you the very best of luck and to let you know that you now have a fan in the state of RI.  Sincerely yours, Marya  Oct 13  
    PS. Que DIOS te bendiga ahora y siempre y que te deseo lo mejor../ I wish you the very best and may GOD bless you now and always..... ciao  Marya (The_Devils_Angel)
  •   I am so happy that you allowed Pinky from the "Eastside Pharaoh's" a 50's local band perform a few songs with you at the KATO Ballroom in March. She lost a courageous battle with cancer last month and this would of been her last time on stage for everyone to hear her sing one last time.  Judy was "one tough lady"  she will be remembered for her quick wit, kind ways and love of nature and music.  That's how a lot of us will remember her.  She has been an inspiration and role model to many. Thank you so much, Judy will be greatly remembered by all her fans.  Ron A  Judy left us on August 2, 2007
  •  Hi Richie -  My husband and I attended your gig at the Chili King today.  We enjoyed your music!! (this is the first time we've seen you in person).   You are very talented and have a very nice, pleasant voice for the songs, quite authentic!  Also, you're always on pitch!  I had my mother from Mill Pond with us so we couldn't stay for the full time.  Keep performing!  I hope to hear you again sometime.  Keep rockin'  Cathy  Sept 30
  •  I wanted to compliment you on your sets tonight, and keeping the Class of 57 dancing and happy.  Amazing how “spry” they are and how well they danced.  You do a very nice job of reading the audience, talking with them, and playing the songs they request…  You all just keep getting better & better.  I am looking forward to Sun and praying for good weather!   I know you will be “turning it up” all the way.  What a wonderful opportunity and honor that Youngsy chose you for such a special event!  Thank you for the play list!   And Richie, for me, would you please play Nadine Sunday?  Please?  I know one other woman who might have a very special request too!  Keep it live Richie… Tami Sept 29
  •  Richie…. Fantastic job in Tipton on 09/22/2007 and we at IRRMA thank you from the bottom of our heart.  You are certainly blessed with a tremendous talent.  Loren J. Paulson, President;  Iowa Rock n Roll Music Asso. 
  •  Hey Richie!!  I love your new website.. it is great!!!   Can't wait to come and see you perform again!!  You are amazing!!  Noelle  Sept 24
  •  What a show you put on last night for the Iowa "Rock the Road Show".  You are getting better every time we see you!  Can't wait to see you again, you are going places.  Keep up the great music!!!  Aaron Sept 23  
  •  I was looking at the new website and got such a kick out of seeing the pics from our Open House.  I forwarded the link on two my two girlfriends from Dublin, VA; they'll be soooooooo surprised to see themselves on your site with Richie !!  Thanks!  Gracie Sept 21
  •  Hi Ritchie, we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show at Riverside Casino last Sunday.  We hope you return soon or in Cedar Rapids where we live.  We've heard you at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum with Jr. Tally.  Keep us posted!! Dave and Kathy Driscoll Sept 15th
  •  Richie, So nice to have found you again - thanks to one of your fans they let me know your new website.   Always enjoy your show - especially the Buddy parts!  Will be looking you up when you are in the area or we will come to Riverside to see you soon.  Keep up the great work - we all love your show!  Bev Sept 14th
  •  Hey Richie! Great joy yesterday at Riverside.  Mark Vincent Pence  Sept 10th
  •  Richie, what a great show at the Riverside Casino.  The dance floor was full from the first song to the last song and the people wanted more.  It is great to know that you will be back there again, and again.  The big guy was really impressed.  Keep it up and you will be in Vegas before you know it.   Donna Sept 10th
  •  Your show this afternoon at Riverside Casino was FANTASTIC!!! Very high energy, love the new guys that you have, KEEP up the GREAT JOB!!! We love you lots!!!! Larry, Sharon, and Lorie   Sept 9th
  •  Richie... Tonite's performance at Lake Panorama was spectacular!  Everyone loved the "New Band".  You all looked like you were having a great time up there and we  know the audience was.  Congratulations on filling the dance floor within the first 3-4 songs and keeping it that way all nite long! Keep it live Richie, Tami Sept 8th
  •  Wow great new website....looks like you are getting quite busy... awesome....we are all set for reservations in Mankato for New Years Eve...Bill Sept 8th
  •  What a great tribute! It was fun seeing you on stage with Ritchie Valens little brother, Mario. Steve & Karen Sept 2nd
  •  You have done a really great job on your new website.  It is a lot better than the old one ever was. Ben Sept 1
  •  This is the neatest site we have ever seen. Roger Aug 31
  •  Richie ~ I was checkin' out your site, thought I’d send you an email...Well, it was good meetin' you man, we all had fun jammin' with you in green bay! It’s good to see more young guys keepin' fifties rock & roll rollin' Cheers,-Rory Justice-Hollywood, CA. Aug 9
  •  We did have a great time that evening & agree that it was well worth the drive to get there. Mike
  •  Seems like a great kid.  Pete
  •  We just saw him, so know just how good he is.  Barb
  •  It looks like you've got a great future in the music business. I hope you'll stay connected with the high school programs along the way. You only get to do the high school music stuff once in your life; you can be doing those paid gigs the rest of your working life. Chuck May 30
  •  It was great to hear from you. I'm so pleased you are doing so well and we regularly look at your website and have enjoyed seeing the new videos. You have made amazing progress since those early days and it is a credit to you at keeping Buddy's music alive so well.  Please pass on our good wishes to your mum & dad, Nancy and Richard who we consider our good friends and it's so nice to see them supporting you all the way, they are justifiably proud of  your achievements as are we!  Best wishes, Keep Rockin'  Ian & Denise  May 25
  •  Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50’s. Richie will wow us with the rock and roll music of the 50s and early 60s and his highly acclaimed imitation of Buddy Holly.  Ames Lab May 25
  •  You rock!!! I think that you are a very talented young man. Stick with it and someday you will be famous and I will be your number one fan. You should think about performing at Urbandale High school we have lots of people in bands. I of course graduated in 05 but if by any means you performed in Urbandale I would be there. Your friend, Tina March 31
  •  Richie,  I have to say that when Buddy looks down and he sees you, he smiles you do such a job for young man I can only imagine what you'll be when you hit the ripe old age of 21, lol Please stay in touch and would love to tear up a stage with you. Gene DINAPOLI (Jake blues) March 2
  •  HI Richie,  Just wanted to let you know how much our group enjoyed your performance at the VFW.  You and your band are just great and we only see you continuing to be a great performer.  Thanks for all the great music - it just made our weekend.   We saw you in 2002 walking around the Surf carrying your guitar, in fact I have a nice picture I took of you that weekend.  We will follow your schedule and whenever possible we will sure be there to cheer you on!  You are a true delight! Bev & Jim Jensen - Charles City, IA & Kay & Howard Cook - Nickerson, NE Feb 9
  •  Thank you so much for coming to Ventura Iowa and playing Feb. 2 and 3rd.  Everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. You were amazing. If you are ever in that area again, the Ventura Recreational Department would be more then happy to assist you again in any way possible. Verna Feb 5
  •  Saw the article on you in the Des Moines paper on-line and listened to the audio of you. Was interested that you have a CD and would like to know how to get one. You can e-mail me at with the particulars. I'm a big Buddy Holly fan,an old man(55) and think you really capture the sound and feel of him. I play guitar myself and can strum along to most of Buddy's stuff. So keep up the good work and let me know about the CD. John Bingham Feb 4
  •  Hey congrats on the awesome article in the DM register, it was totally cool, and shows the very best  of you......keep workin hard and it will happen for you. Dave Jan 23
  •  Hello Richie, You did a great job last night, giving everyone a smile from ear to ear on their faces with your music. It was so great to see you again, after 2 weeks of not seeing a best friend! Seems like forever. Bye Your Friend,  Rachel Jan 15
  •  Go back in time with the Iowa Hall of Fame Rock and Roll band, Jerry Martin and the Sounds, as they perform as the headline group of the day. Stick around for a bonus performance by Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50's.
  •  Good to see the site up!  Regards,  Doug
  •  Good morning, What a great time we had last night. The band sounded better than ever!! And one thing I really loved, besides them playing "Stagger Lee" :-) was going right into one song when they finished one. I really appreciate it when there is not a lot of down time between songs. anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the new members in the bad. I sure hope they love what they are doing and don't want to change and do something else. Please let us know if the Eagles wants them back again as we sure do!! Later, Pat Sept 05
  •   Richie, we enjoyed you so much! You are really blessed with talent. You will go far and we hope to follow you around a little. When you are famous we hope you will remember the little old couple who were cheering for you. God bless you and have a great year at school. Denny and Norma Sept 05
  •  Thank you so much for being part of our celebration and for being such wonderful people. It is times like this that make life so much better. I feel so good today that I needed to send you a note. I have played hundreds of jobs like this but last night was probably the best one. I am looking forward to the next one. Your friends, Harold and Patty Aug 05


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