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  •  WOW! Richie what a show you put on New Years Eve, fantastic. You have to be one of Iowa's most talented performers. We all wish you the best in the new year and hope you travel to far places. We will be looking for you in the tabloids. Dianne Jan 1

  •  The KATO Ballroom in Mankato, MN sure did miss you last night, the last 2 new years eve band with you were so much better. You have so much more talent and hope you are back here again very soon as we miss you. Happy New Year! Sal Jan 1

  •  Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens - two of the most influential Rock NíRoll artists of all time - live on in the incredible sights and sounds of Richie Lee & The Fabulous 50ís. Richieís performance is so accurate, itís as if Buddy Holly walked out of the past and onto the stage!

  •  Just wanted to say that I've known Richie since we were eleven and he's the best there is out there. He's bringing back buddy's memory the right way and that's the way it should be. I wish him luck in everything he does and comes his way. My love and support, Jayme Nov 28 

  •  My husband and I heard you and your band at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday night and were completely blown away with your talent.  We were pleasantly surprised when we found you were performing at our church Christ The King for our Sweet Corn Festival on Saturday night August 29th. Everyone was enjoying listening to your selections and dancing.  We look forward to hearing you again on Oct. 24th.  Julie August 30 

  •  Wow, the performances at the fair were the best I've seen to date! It was a lot of fun sitting in the crowd listening to everyone oooh and ahhhh over you guys!!! You defiantly rocked the place!!! Take care Richie and family, until next time! Shelly August 30

  •  Really great show at the State Fair.  We had such fun.  We were there the last day before going to the Journey/Heart concert and was so pleased that you had such a huge crowd!!! Your band sounded wonderful.  It was our 13 year old grandson's first time to hear you and he was pleased that he knew a lot of the music and thought you sounded really good!!! Jerry & Karen August 26 

  •  Richie Lee is one of the Greatest guitar players in the nation. Mel August 26

  •  For all of those who have not seen Richie Lee and his band called the Fabulous 50's, it would be to your liking I'm sure to make a special trip to where they are performing and see them for yourself.  Blue Tone's

  •  Richie, your videos are great, but seeing you perform and wowing the crowds, filling them full of excitement through your music is even greater!!! So if you haven't had the opportunity yet to see this young talent perform at a live show, check out his upcoming gigs on his website!! Lovin' your music! Tamra August 25

  •  Richieís shows were above fantastic at the fair and we are looking forward to see what is down the pike for him!! Can't wait to see the future updates!! Take care and get some rest!?!?!? ha ha!!!  CC August 24

  •  Hi Richie! Saw both shows at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. They were memorizing performances. You have a phenomenal talent. Dana August 24

  •  Our minister apologized for being late to church this morning that he was at the state fair last night and was only going to stay for your first show and you were so good he had to stay for the second show too. Fantastic job! August 24

  •  Your shows were the best of all over the whole state fair and hope that you come back to us next year and I will be here to see you.  Tina August 24

  •  We saw you perform last night at the Iowa State Fair and you are fabulous, my husband and I were born in the 50ís and talked about hiring you for an event.  We would love to be on your email list so we can attend your venues.  Thanks, Janie August 23

  •  We just had to write on your page and tell you AGAIN what a wonderful show you put on at the Iowa State Fair!!  You absolutely rocked the stage in the Budweiser Tent...  you guys sounded awesome!!!   I have never seen that place so packed!! You have got such a great band right now, you guys just sound great together!!!   We had such a blast and can't wait till next time.. Rick & Noelle August 23 

  •  Hi Richie, I just wanted to say that you did a great show last night at the Iowa State Fair; I sang along to the songs that you sang. It was cool to meet you and I liked it when my friend took a picture of us together, it was cool. Thanks for signing my CD and T-shirt. Are you going to have any new CDs that your going to do?  P.S. Last night when I was at home I called my friend and told her that I thought you were very handsome in person, and my friend agreed with me. Good luck with your career. Your Friend, Daisy  August 23

  •  I asked you on break if you would come over and meet my family and classmates. The wonderful person that you are, said sure and met everyone to their delight! My cousin, Colin, came up to you and said he felt guilty not paying for such great entertainment!! Then you laughed and said thank you! But I told Colin that you have a CD and he was excited about that and went right over and bought one and said, now I don't feel so bad!!!?? My friend, Becky, said oh, can us girls get our picture taken with the STAR??? Chris August 21

  •  Hey, your show in Central City last night was amazing, that's one of my favorite eras of music and I don't usually hear it. I'll definitely have to make time and go to another one of your shows. The Central City Dance Team says thanks for coming out and playing! -Taylor August 21

  •  Saw you at the Home Show in East Iowa City. You were great and I know you will continue to even get better. Bob August 8

  •  You do a great job! I love your music :) thank you, Carissa August 7

  •  Hey, omg ur so amazing =) I had a fun night. Larrew August 3

  •  I saw you in Ankeny yesterday and I was blown away! Finally a concert where I recognize and love every single song (: you're very talented and I know you will go far! Ckbling July 31

  •  We saw you and your band in Cedar Rapids at the Greene Square, and you guys rocked!!!! Jessie July 28

  •  Richie you were just awesome in Cedar Rapids for the Uptown Friday Nights, sure hope you will be back next year...Kim July 25

  •  Great show Thursday night at the "National Studebaker Fun Night" loved the beach balls with Studebaker on them, nice added touch to for the stage. July 17

  •  Your always great! Nice seeing you at the Isle of Capri on Sunday afternoon in  Bettendorf. Butch July 19

  •  "He's pretty phenomenal," said Tina Shapley, chair of the event hosted by the Marshalltown Central Business District. "He has a fantastic voice." July 14

  •  It was great to see you guys again and hear the great music Richie and the guys perform.  Thank you! Joan July 10 

  •  Hey,  Hey!!! The Blue Tone's Show is going great.  We will be billing you as the feature guest of the evening.  We also have Smokie Smith from Des Moines coming.   Another is Tom Palmer and his steel guitar from Seattle, WA. I enjoy watching your web site and appreciate you putting the show on there. See ya soon and keep rockin'  Mel  -  Blue Tone's Reunion Shows July 9

  •  Thank you for a great show on the 4th of July in Northwood. I could not be happier. Great show, great sound. We got a lot of compliments from the crowd. I am going to try to hire you again. Once again thank you for a great show. Randy   July 9

  •  Hi Hey Richie, I'm tiring to figure out YouTube...It's kind of confusing! Anyways, love your videos! See you at Riverside this weekend, should be a good show w/ Bowzer!  Gemine July 8 

  •  Richie, I enjoyed working with you at the Roof Gardens last night. I played with you at the Roof when you were 12/13 and it has been fun to watch your progress over the years.  You are a top talent and I wish you the best. Al Klein July 3

  •  Hey, so I seen you at Sturgis Falls and that was pretty amazing and me and my sister are probably going to the Riverside Casino please on July 11th to see you perform again ;) ha-ha ur awesome. Mackenzie  July 1

  •  Hey Richie Lee. It was so nice meeting you at Sturgis Falls this past weekend. You're an incredible singer and guitar player. I was awestruck =]. I'll probably come see you play again July 11th at Riverside. Can't wait! Michaela June 29 

  •  Richie- You are unbelievable! I saw you for the first time Sat. June 13th in Zearing. I canít wait to hear you again! Terra June 15

  •  Richie...I'm hearing some real good reports on you and your show...I knew you were headed for stardom...Your friend Mad Hatter June 4 

  •  I saw you last Saturday for the first time in Spencer, you we great. I'm a teen and I haven't heard allot of those songs in forever and I think that it is so cool that you want to share Buddy Holly's great songs with teens. Thanks Kristen June 1 

  •  Hi Richie, we got to see you at the Surf during the Legends Show and enjoyed your performance over and above the best of a very good night. Keep up the great work, Long live Rockabilly. Andrew & Roberta May 26

  •  Hey Richie, It was really good seeing you today and all the rest. I really enjoyed talking guitars and music. I like your web site and the videos on YouTube are great! Take care sweety, wishing you all the best! Brenda May 15

  •  I think Richie is a great performer and I'm glad that he's determined to keep Buddy's music alive. Thanks again! Diane May 9

  •  I just had the opportunity to meet Richie last weekend and perform with you onstage for the 'Rockabilly Legends' tour in Davenport, Des Moines and Clear Lake. I can honestly say that Richie is a super nice guy AND an extremely talented performer. I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with you Richie, and was very impressed with your stage show! Keep up the good work! Hope to see you again sometime (who knows...maybe even sing together again.)
    Kim Schnell May 6

  •  Richie, We were at the Surf Ballroom last night. You should be very proud of your performance last evening!  We thought you maybe looked a little apprehensive as you started out with the group at first. Then, one could tell you fell right in, got a little braver and started doing your own thing whenever and wherever you could. Very few songs by others got the applause that you did.  Both Jerry and Stan seemed to want to include... you dug right in, joined in and did a tremendous job. Congratulations! We have followed Rock 'n Roll all these years. Keep up the good work...Keep us 'Rockin, Morris & Carolyn Larson May 3

  •  Saw you last night at the Val Air Ballroom --- you and Stan should go on the road together! It was fabulous. DoBotherMe May 2

  •  Golly Richie, You must drink a lot of red bull, look at you go! Awesome job on Rave On, your hic-up is right on and your fingers are flyin, rock on! Adairalien May 1 

  •  We regret we can't come to this one, but please keep in touch with your schedule. We love you, Richie, from North Mankato. Mary April 29

  •  Richie, I saw and met you at the Rockabilly show in Davenport last night, just a couple of comments. First of all you were by FAR the best performer there and they didn't let you sing nearly enough. Hope to catch another of your shows soon. Do you ever have shows with just you on the billing in Eastern Iowa? Bob May 1

  •  Love your music very much. April 6

  •  Hey Richie, GREAT show tonight!!!! You guys were and are GREAT!! Looking forward to seeing you again in a couple weeks again at Riverside. Keep Rockin'  Love you lots!! Sharon and Lorie March 27 

  •  Love your music. Hi, just wanted to say that I loved the Elvis imitation and I think you do it very well. As a Ritchie Valens lover and singer myself I thought it was important for me to comment! I also am an Elvis singer along with Buddy Holly, Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison and others. Please put up more videos as I would like to see more of you singing! Great job! P.S. Keep rocking to the oldies. Sincerely, Ken in, Minnesota March 25

  •  The tour was a blast!  I really liked playing with everyone.  Richie is very talented, and improves every time I play with him.  The boy is turning into a nice young man.  Hopefully we will be able to do something together when the high temps aren't in the single digits!  Would love to do some shows this summer or fall.  I wanted to thank all of you for all your hard work and help putting this all together.  The school shows went very well too.  I thank you for bringing your equipment for that and the Waterloo gig as well.  Hope to see you all sometime soon.  Rave On.  -Alan March 23

  •  I attended the gig at Five Sullivan Brothers Saturday night the14th.  My brother, was the emcee and I am sure glad he invited me. Of course, we brought some friends, too.  But, I want to tell you, Richie, that you are fantastic.  I really enjoyed your production.  Your parents are very lucky to have a son that has a good head on his shoulders.  I could go on forever and ever, but PLEASE continue to do what you are doing.  You have a great future ahead of you, to say the least.  I printed your schedule and we will be coming to some more shows. Thank you very much for keeping Rock and Roll alive. Diane March 16 

  •  Richie: My wife and I just returned from hearing you play at the Riverside Casino and we also visited a little with your dad and aunt and uncle. Nice people and they are very proud of you. We think you are a great talent as we also attended the last tour at the Capitol Theater in Davenport.  All of the performances were super but to tell you the truth you really had the old place rocking that night. I emailed the "true oldies Channel" in San Francisco with a little report about the concert and your performance along with Tommy Allsup and I'll be darned if he didn't read it on the air. Keep up the good work and this old time rock and roll will live for many years to come.  Roger & Theresa March 15

  •  Good Morning, The Richie Lee tribute to Buddy Holly and the Crickets was awesome.  We were so totally overwhelmed by the tremendous success.  Thank you. Bev Winkie and the Belle Plaine Historical Board.  March 3

  •  Richie and keep doing what you do and do it to your best abilities! Arlette March 3

  •  I work at a casino in Shrevepot, LA and would love for you to come play here. You are Great, keep up the good life you have. Ginny March 3

  •  A really fun night at the Cafe in the Park, Adel, Iowa.  Nice work.  We had a ball! Randy Feb 15 

  •  Hey people, great job in Atlantic doing the fundraiser thing. The kids and I saw a flyer so went and they wouldnít leave because you hadnít played yet! You went on at like 10 pm; they havenít ever been up that late, they fell asleep on the ride home. We all had a blast, and it was for a good cause, thatís cool. Adairalen  Feb 14

  •  Hi Richie; You did a great show with Alan Clark at the Surfside Cafe.  My only complaint is that it was so crowded that you should have been on the main stage of the Surf Ballroom. I hope you have a great year until we see you next time in Clear Lake. Kathi D'Hondt Waterford Ontario Canada Feb 11

  •  We would like to say a big and sincere thank you to you all for your wonderful work on The Last Tour and the other events around the WDP program, including the school gigs, jams, etc. The things you guys did made the trip out there so worthwhile. We do know how much effort and work it takes to put these things on, and that you do it for love not profit, and it is really really appreciated. It was great to see many of you again, and to meet some of you for the first time.  Thank you so much for the music, friendship and companionship.  As you know, I have been out several times, and this time we brought our (grown up) kids, they were absolutely knocked out by the welcome, and all the great events and spontaneous happenings. May the music never die. Rave On !! Mike, Liz, Phil and Catherine Feb 10

  •  You did a fabulous job at the Kato on the 25th.  Hope to see you in Albert Lea Feb. 20.  Rock On.  K Feb 8

  •  We so enjoyed your music at the Surf again this year.  You have certainly gained a  lot of fans. We will catch you whenever we can - As always - your fans - Charles City IA and Nickerson, NB  Feb  8

  •  This LaBama video does him no justice. He is amazing in real life. Saw him and Davenport and all I can say is wow. If he comes near you, go see him. You won't be disappointed.  ichbincarrie  Feb 5

  •  Got to see you in Davenport. you did such a wonderful job. Keep it up. Feb 5 

  •  Dear Richie: Thanks for putting on a good show last Friday at the Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo. Both the Buddy Holly impersonator and you did a good job recreating a 1950s ballroom dance program.  I greatly enjoy Dion DiMucci's music. He has a recent CD, "Heroes: Giants of Early Guitar Rock" that is pretty good. Have you heard it? Dion, a survivor of the last tour, has compiled quite a lifetime of work. I suspect Buddy Holly might have become one of the country's great songwriters, in a vein with Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, etc. I wish you well on your future endeavors. Dave Feb 5

  •  I have been watching Richie Lee for about 4 years in Iowa and he was good when he was young and better now. Albert Lea was lucky to have him. Would have loved to be here and tell Terry Cole to keep up the good work. Things like this get Albert Lea in the public eye for good reasons and not something bad. The bad things are what we usually hear about. Thanks again Terry and the Senior Center. Snowbird Feb 4

  • You are fabulous!!! Will you be back in Albert lea again? Marie DeGennaro Feb 4 Yes, on the 20th.

  •  We were at the Kato Ballroom on January 25th and saw Richie Lee sing and play. He is a great performer and such poise for an 18 year old. Am looking forward to coming to Albert Lea February 20 to see him at the Marion Ross Center. Michiel Feb 4

  •  Hi, We saw you for the first time at the Surf Lounge in Clear Lake this past Thursday and were VERY impressed.  We're looking for a date to see you again and found this website.  Thanks, Morris & Carolyn Larson, rock and roll fans  Feb 2

  •  Lookin' good Richie Lee!! smmr6580  Feb 2

  •  Hello. Enjoyed hearing you on the last tour. Looking at  Feb. 20th show in Albert Lea. Andrew Feb 1

  •  Hi,  We were at the Waterloo event last night and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your part of the show !!!!!!!A job well done and so good to see a young man interested in continuing the good music of those days.....Blessings on you.....Wayne and Jan Fiscus at Conrad, Iowa Jan 31 

  •  My sister, Karen and I went to Clear Lake Iowa today for the 50th Winter Dance party festivities.  You were the highlight!  We haven't even been able to attend any of the concerts at night, but seeing you perform today in the Surf Lounge with Alan Clark blew us away!  We are forever fans of hourís and the story of your history since a little boy with such a passion for Buddy Holly's music is truly one of success, and you are certain to have a lifetime of immense enjoyment in doing what you love, and words can't say the joy you give to countless others!  God bless you in your journey! LuAnn Hultgren and Karen Hoffman, Mankato, MN Jan 29

  •  I saw you in Davenport, IA and loved the show.  Is possible to get a list of songs sung by you?  You did one by a performer other than Buddy or Richie Valens that I sort of recognized but not really.  I think you said that the singer had appeared on that tour. Thanks for the Great Show! Revs Jan 29   Frankie Sardo opened the shows singing "Fake Out" and wore a white sweater. You can see me singing it on my youtube page.

  •  Richie--you rocked Davenport Iowa ---keep the music going and letís do it again--soon. Jan 27

  •  You were great in Davenport on Sat. the 24th. ---keep the music going I just went to the show with 10 friends, they all think you have a great talent.  Thanks, Butch Jan 27

  •  Richie, My friend and I came to the show in Davenport on the 24th and got to chat with you a bit. You did such a wonderful job. I hope to see more of your shows. Good luck in all you do. Carrie  Jan 26

  •  I was at the KATO in 1959 and was so impressed with Buddy Holly. We also, saw you there on New Years Eve and you did a good job, loved the show, but would of been better if you could of sang a few songs of Buddies as well. Keep on sing Buddy and hope you reach the stars! Mary Jan 26

  •  What a great show at the KATO Ballroom in Mankato, MN where Buddy Holly played in 1959. You did such a fantastic job singing the Ritchie Valens songs and the Frankie Sadro, "Fake Out" was the best. Wished we could of seen you singing a few Buddy songs as well. Keep on rock'n. Jim Jan 26

  •   WOW!!!!  WOW!!!!  WOW!!!!!! The concert in Davenport's Capital Theatre was so fantastic.  That old theatre has the best sound foundations
    anywhere, but you guys just kept getting more and more into it, and better and better.  I wish that concert never would have ended.  At the end of the show somebody said it had been taped.  If it was, please put it on your website for sale.  I have never seen a concert as wonderful as that one was.  You guys are the greatest!!  Buddy Holly, Ritchie and The Big-Bopper  have got to be sooooo proud!!  Thanks for believing in what you are doing and recreating such a wonderful time in history.  You all are amazing; I am planning on attending more of your concerts. The guitar playing was so good, and I grew up in a family that plays Martins.  The band, with only two guitars made it sound like an entire orchestra. I can't say enough good things. Jolene Keeney Jan 26

  •  Capital Theater in Davenport, Iowa was the best show we have seen here, even better than the ones we have seen at the Surf Ballroom. Hope you come back again next year.  Jan 24

  •  Hi there, I wrote to you after I took the kids to see Richie at Younkers a few months back. That visit to your show has really left an impression on the kids. The CD changer in the car has gone from 2 of 6 CD's being oldies to 5! They canít seem to get enough of it. My son wants to trade his baritone horn in for a guitar. My daughter asked me to tape the Buddy Holly picture from the Des Moines Register to her wall. There new love of classic rock seems a natural fit to our lifestyle and I wanted to thank you guys for helping my kids enjoy this music as much as I do!  I've enclosed a short clip of my daughter singing to Buddy Holly, If I can convince her to not be shy maybe I'll put one of her singing to your video on YouTube :) Jessica Jan 24

  •  Iím surprised Iíve never heard this song before, "Fake Out"  itís great! Good job, as always. Jan 23

  •  Wow, Richie! Youíve really out done yourself this time. My little girl sings along to this in the car, and she keeps making me replay your video! are you playing at the winter dance?? we are still trying to get tickets :( Jan 23

  •  Awesome job on Buddy Holly and everything! Sean Jan 14

  •  It is uncanny. Can't wait to the concert in Davenport. Jan 12

  •  It is great to see the younger generation "keepin' the music alive". Rock on Richie! Jan 8

  •  We stopped in a supply shop  to look for some shoes. On  the way out a young gentleman stepped aside so we could make it through the door. I thanked him and looked up at him. Sure enough I yelled out, " It's Richie Lee.!"  To his bewilderment he said, "do I know you from?" Of course we told him.  Destiny is on our side 50 years after Buddy Holly....  Dora Jan 8

  •  Went to Riverside Iowa Casino for the first time. It is a wonderful casino but the night was topped off by your performance. Wishing you much continued success, you guys are great. Thanks for the entertainment. We'll be back. Gene and Deb Jan 3 

  •  You guys rocked the house on New Years Eve!!! I'm so glad I was able to come. Have fun at the casino this weekend! -Shelly Jan 2

  •  Happy New Year Richie!!  Wish we could've been in Minnesota New Years Eve with you..  but we will be out again to see you soon for sure..  Hope 2009 is an even better year yet for you.. if that is possible!!  You are so great!!  We are honored to tell everyone that we are great friends with "the one and only Richie Lee!!" Rick and Noelle Jan 1

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