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  •  Fantastic weekend, drove 200 miles to see you. Loved the shows at Grand Falls Casino the sound was great and hope to see you again soon a bit closer. Marilyn 12-31-11

  •  Happy New Year to you Richie. It was a grand time this past weekend. I will make in March also if weather with the snow / ice permitting!  I am so proud of you that you are continuing your education and that you are trying to learn and enrich your life with as much as you can.  Over the last 6- 8 years I have witnessed your continued growth in talent!  You really let those drums boom out "Richie Lee" during the "Wipe-Out" song.  I am extremely impressed, and stunned at how talented you are.  Love you and all your musical talent you share, Strum and Bang it for all the world to hear!  Respectfully, Lynnette 12-31-11

  •  We had an awesome  time New Year's Eve and you sound better than ever.....we  have been playing your CD and really enjoy it, hope you had a good New Year and find  some time for yourself to relax and have fun....Gary and Beth 12-31-11

  •  WOW! What a great job tonight in St. James, MN sure hope you come back again soon, but at a place that we can dance. Love the good o'l 50's music, keep it alive! Mark Nov 4

  •  When I hear you guys play, I need to dance! Thanks Teresa Nov 4

  •  Hi Richie, I had the pleasure of seeing you perform last Saturday night, Oct. 29th, at the Hutchinson Elementary School.  It made me feel good that the younger generation would play the music that I grew up with.  I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the show.  I hope you never stop singing the "oldies".  I bought a CD and am also enjoying that.  I'd like to know if you have any of your first CD's for sale?  I'd like to buy one, if possible.  Could you please let me know if I can get one? Thanks. Barb Oct 31

  •  Loved the concert you did in Ely, last evening. Fantastic! Your guitar playing, and the keyboard player were awesome. Reminded me of an Ely band that last year was inducted into the MN Rock N Roll Hall of Fame… the Electras. Sadly, the Electras’ bass guitarist and keyboard player, Gary Omerza, passed away a month before the band was going to have a reunion concert in Ely.  I could see you and your band playing some of the Electras songs.   Best of luck in all you do. ~Nan Oct 27

  •  We saw Richie Lee in Minocqua, WI last night and it was FANTASTIC.  Thank you much. Peggy Oct 25

  •  I love your music takes me back to where I was younger. I was to the one at the Sturgus Falls and Wild Rose. I hope you keep the singing going. GOOD JOB. Judy Oct 25

  •  So happy to see you in our area, we saw you last year and couldn’t wait to come to another one of your shows. Great job on Buddy!! Connie Oct 24

  •  Thank you Richie for a great time at our Grand Opening in Grinnell at the Candyland Station. You and the Fabulous 50"s made the day very special for us. Lots of great comments about your performance and everyone hopes  you will be back next year. Have a great tour!  Roberta Oct 24

  •  You did a fabulous job in Worthington, MN on your concert series tour. We were very happy to see such a young man bring back the great sound of the 50's. Loved the Buddy Holly set. Thanks for coming to our town. Jane Oct 23

  •  Great time in Mount Pleasant with Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50's!!If you ever can catch one of his shows you won't regret it! Great venue at the Mount Pleasant Civic Center too! Steve Oct 9

  •  Richie lee is a Legion in his own time and will go on to great heights. Gene Oct 6

  •  Hey Richie, as soon as I heard you are coming to our area on your concert tour series I went out and purchased my concert series membership for the year. Glad you are coming our way. See you soon, Jim Oct 2

  •  I had a great time at the show for IHCA I can not wait to see Richie again.  Philip  Sept 29

  •  Great show Richie, it is good to see you back at Waterbury, you sure bring in the great crowds. People traveled from all over to see you and brought some really cool classic cars. Mike Sept 11 

  •  Richie, thank you SOOOO much for keeping the faith, for having the talent and the enthusiasm you have to keep Buddy's music going! Rave on!!!!! One of your favorite fans and friends! Nancy B Sept 7

  • Simply FaBuLoUs!!!  Loved your show tonight at the Charger Center in Carthage, Illinois.  Very entertaining and "wow" you are so talented!!! Barb Sept 2
  •  Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night to Storm'n Normans to enjoy "Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50's". What a memorable night of Rock and Roll! Norm July 31

  •  Wow!! Is all I can say about Richie Lee!!!! What a great performer!!  Had so many compliments about how awesome he was!!!  Thanks for getting him here.  He did a fabulous job!! Cant wait to have them back!!! Thanks again. Cheryl  June 17

  •  Richie, Just saw you again tonight; this time in Fairfield, IA.  Every time I hear you sing I am more impressed with your voice and how much you sound like the original artists!  You bring back so many fond memories of the50's & 60's. You have no idea how much your music means to those of us who were teenagers from that era. Keep up the good work! We love listening & watching you perform!!!  Linda May 14

  •  The Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50's concert was a smashing success in Underwood Saturday night.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Dale April 4

  •  I love the way Richie sings it at his concerts and a lot of fun to dance to.

  •  Hi Richie, I want you to know, that New Year's Eve 2010-2011 was the best time I ever had.  If I ever get the chance to go hear you play & sing anywhere, I want to.  It is such an honor to get to hear and know you better each time.  You are such a respectful and pure innocent young man.  I was overwhelmed when you sang “The Last Kiss"!  I thought it was a dead and forgotten song.  I have loved that song for over 40 years.  I have not heard it ever played or sung by any person or band.  You definitely are bringing back the music from the past.  I honestly believe that 'Richie Lee' is, ever as good as, the popular "rock n' roll" singers in our past.  Richie Lee, you are blessed greatly with the musical talent and voice that so many love now, and will, far into the future.  Many want you back in Mankato, Minnesota!  You will always bring the crowds to the Kato Ballroom.  You by far are THE favorite.  We had many come to Mankato, from the Metro cities, and stay the weekend when you were here last time.  Word gets out that you are coming here and many more come, as once they hear you they come back, again and again,  You, Richie Lee are the new 'rock n' roll' idol.  Please oh please come back, I fear once you are let loose that you will not have the time to stop by our urban town area.  You are on your way up to becoming a miraculous success. Be safe, be happy, can't wait to hear you again.  Lynnette Mar 12

  •  We sure enjoyed listening to you, at Diamond Jo Casino for the first time you sure were good..hope you play there again soon as we will come for sure. Bill Feb 29 

  •   Hi Richie, We came to your show at Diamond Jo's on 2/26/11.  You were fabulous!  You have such a great voice - lots of energy - and your talent is amazing .  My husband is on the Butler County Fair Board (Iowa) and we are all looking forward to seeing you perform on June 23rd in Allison, Iowa.  You will be adding so much to our fair! Thank you! Karen Feb 27

  •  Richie, I just came across your website, as I heard about it on the Van and Bonnie show.  I am very proud of your accomplishments, and feel very honored that I had you in class - TWICE!. I remember when you mother would say to me at P/T conferences how concerned she was that all you wanted to do was be in your room  and play your guitar. I would reply to her I wouldn't be upset with that. What if all he wanted to do was to play video games, or be out of the house hanging with other kids getting into trouble. He is learning a healthy and admirable skill.
    Well, look at you now, and all the joy you bring to us ole fogies who grew up with the music of the 50's.Thank you for all the joy you bring to me with your music and the memories of having you in class. It is these kind of moments that make teaching for me such a joy.

    Wishing you the very very best, and do so enjoy seeing you at the chocolate breakfast, but did miss the opportunity to say hi to you.
    Richie’s not only has a wonderful voice, but it is a voice that lends itself so well to the 50's sound and he plays a mean guitar. As far as being Richie's teacher, what impressed me the most was his respect and politeness to me, no matter the situation. 'Wish you the very best'  Ron your 6th grade math teacher, and of course, NovaNET at North Jan 28

  •  Richie, We will miss you in Fargo and Fergus Falls this year. You were great last year and we thought you played the guitar better than Buddy Holly. Steve Jan 25

  •  Hey Mr. Hollywood, I just wanted to say that I'm really glad that you are coming to Clarion, IA for festival in the park. I plan on being there. Daisy Jan 8

  •  We had a great time New Years Eve in Mankato, MN. Thank you for traveling in the bad weather it was well worth the time. For those that didn't go out into the cold really missed a great show. Hope to see you at the KATO again next year.  Pat Jan 3

  •  Richie, We hope you will come back to Mankato soon. The weather wasn't the greatest, but maybe it will be better and more fans can come out to see you again! Best wishes for the New Year. Will you still come back to Mankato soon? Sincerely, Mary Jan 2

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