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  •  Richie, Thanks so much for ROCKIN' the RIFE RECORDING STUDIO on Saturday Dec. 27, 2008.  Everyone had a great time and it was an honor for me to jam with you! You are such an immense talent.  Keep on doing what you do so well my friend! Our best to you and your family,
    Kevin Rife and Jill Handley Dec 31

  •  I was in attendance in the band for a while... I started on the drums at the start of the evening, then switched to guitar. It was My pleasure to sit in with you tonight. I look forward to hearing you and your band in the future. I was so impressed by what you were able to do with a pick up band, I'm sorry I had to leave and get my kids to bed, because I would have loved to jam with you all night! Take care, and best wishes! Jeff (Pretend Rockstar) Dec 27

  •  I've completely enjoyed watching you perform for sure. I have purchased your CD and enjoy it a whole lot. Please keep up your excellent shows and come to the Lakes again some one of  these times. Your shows at the Annual Iowa Rock n' Roll show was great. Thanks for your efforts to keep Buddy Holly's and Ritchie Valens' memory alive. Raymond,  Dec. 20

  •  Your singing is sensation for me! What a perfect song! makes me dance! Ann, Nov 28

  •  Richie, if I was 10 years younger, I'd just eat you up!!! You sound great, too;) You sound just like him, its uncanny adairalien, Nov 28

  •  Hey Richie! I came to see you for the first time at Younkers last week. You are sooo great! My kids, 3 and 10 love Buddy Holly, probably because of my big obsession with all things 50s. It was actually my sons idea to come. He saw your commercial for the credit people and said " he's cool, lets go there!" We can't wait to see you again, I hope to make it to Prairie Meadows. Your the best! (and a cutie too!) Jessica, Ella and Morgan Nov 21

  •  We saw you at Lu's Lounge in Clear Lake and I think you were only about 14 years old.  It was during the Winter Dance Party and we  thought at that time you were gonna bring back the wonderful music of Buddy and the 50's.  Thank you so much for that.  We will be seeing you again soon at a private wedding party & at Prairie Meadows!!  Karen,  November 1

  •   Just love your web site, awesome! enjoyed all the video's very much. You can really put on a show. Pat, Oct. 26

  •  You were fantastic at Prairie Meadows today, too bad it wasn't advertised more. Thumbs up!!! Amy, Oct. 26

  •  Hey Richie, it was great seeing you Saturday night; I had a great time :). Gonna try and make it this Sunday, if not I will see ya on Halloween... Jenny, Oct. 21

  •  It is my pleasure to help support Ritchie and I wish you all the best.  I hope to see the show in Riverside sometime this winter when I am off the road and home in Coralville. Best wishes for success and safe travels, Keep Rockin'!! Ralph, Oct. 14

  •  Keep us informed. We enjoy watching Richie perform. Becky, Oct. 8

  •  Glad to see you back in MN again, good show in Minneapolis. It is always a pleasure to see you perform and love dancing to all the great 50-60's songs you sing. Can't wait until you are back in our area again. Keep on rock 'n! Michelle, Oct. 6

  •  Richie, It is  always a pleasure to see you and your family. Your music is wonderful. Theresa, Sept 29

  •  I'm so glad I got to hear you and see you perform at Prairie Meadows.  I'm now a fan and hopefully, we'll  be able to get you here for some reason, sometime in the future.  Best wishes. Carole C, Sept 9

  •  Teen rocks classic songs "Crowds loved him on Labor Day, now Lee is back"  Emily S, Sept 6

  •  Had a great time playing with you at the IRRMA party. Mario already told us how talented you were, but we all agree you do a GREAT job. We hope do perform with you again. Love the CD. Thanks again.  Sam, Backyard Blues Band, Sept 6

  •  I really enjoyed the Saturday night show for sure. Thanks to all for a great show and I am glad that Richie had a great weekend here-I think Mario did too. It is great in my opinion that a young man like Richie is using his talent and doing well. Raymond R, Sept 2

  •  Have enjoyed your concerts at Prairie Meadows, when will you appear there next?  Skip, August 31

  •  Was disappointed when we showed up at Prairie Meadows in Des Moines on Aug. 24th to celebrate my husbands birthday to find you and your band was no where in sight, as the date was changed due to a race.  We had heard you play outdoors in Ankeny.  There were several folks on hand to hear your wonderful music. Ulrich, August 28 

  •  Richie, You and your band put on a GREAT show Saturday night.  We enjoyed it very much.  See you soon.   Kathy Allsup, August 25

  •  What a hit you were at the church corn festival. Des Moines, hit the jackpot the day you were born! Sure hope they have you play again there next year, much more enjoyable listening to you sing than playing bingo.  Pat, August 24

  •  Wow!!! What a great job singing for the Mabel car show.  It is amazing how well you can sing even with the hot sun beating on your backs. Hope you keep playing all the car shows. Sue Z, August 11

  •  Richie, Your show in Ankeny last night was so good!  It was great seeing you on stage again and having fun with your band, which, by the way, is a very good band.   But then, that is what it is all about – having fun!   I enjoyed talking with you and your Mom after the show.  Take care and will see you soon.  Kathy Allsup,  August 1

  •  As a Buddy Holly fan, I have to say it's truly amazing how well you can sign like him. For someone so young to even be interested in Buddy Holly is amazing in itself. Keep up the great work, we will keep on coming to your shows. Anita B. July 30

  •  What a great show you put on at the Meadows on Sunday. Jim and Nancy July 29

  •   I saw you at Prairie Meadows this Sunday and I have to say this was the best show that I have ever seen and you had the crowd right in your hands. A show like this should be out in Las Vegas. Your CD is as fabulous as you are. You and your whole band is full of great energy! Bob July 28

  •  Hey, heard you in Waterloo Iowa in 2006.....wish you would come back to this area. 
    We had a great time and enjoyed the night.  Best of luck and I'll keep checking the link to
    see when you're around! Angi, July 25

  •  I received the CD in the mail today (7-8-08) and I am playing it as I write this email. It is great! I really like the music of that era, too bad there isn't more of it nowadays. Also, I enjoy your commercials on TV for Tom Coates. Thanks again and good luck with your future. Sincerely, Dorothy Bowlsby, July 8

  •  I saw you do a concert in Slater, Iowa last July 4th. I think you are really talented. It is neat to see someone go back and rediscover what real music was like!  Kayla Robbins, June 24

  •  Thanks for all you do for IRRMA and thanks for helping to “Keep the Music Alive.” Loren J. Paulson, June 4

  •  I think that you sang, the late Ritchie Valens songs at the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame induction night in early September 2007. It was certainly a great performance and it really brought me to the point that I am a lot into the '50's Rock 'n Roll now. Keep up the great entertainment please. I recently purchased a CD of your music. Really great job on that CD for sure. Sincerely, Raymond Russell, May20

  •  Hey Richie!!!  Just wanted to say what a FANTASTIC!!! Show again in Riverside, really enjoyed seeing you guys again. We can't wait until Friday night; it is going to be GREAT!!!  We Love You and keep up the FANTASTIC music.  Larry, Sharon and Lorie,  April 13

  •  Richie, Just wanted to thank you again for the FABULOUS entertainment you showed us once again this week at Riverside!!  For Ray to take me out dancing TWICE in one week.  When he even had to work the next days, that is truly a miracle!!  You were great St. Pats' Night, but even greater on Friday night!! You are truly a "Show Ma"!! Keep up your wonderful entertainment! You make some of us feel younger than we really are!! Chris, March 25

  •  Hi Richie, Was at Atlantic Sat night. Great Show, I was impressed with Sleepwalk. Keep up the good work. Tom Smith, March 24

  •  Hi Richie Lee, We snowbirds are heading back to Iowa. We have enjoyed the CD, you sent us and will no doubt be listening to you as we travel back. Tell your folks Hi for us and we'll look forward to visiting with all of you at the Casino this Friday. You’re Fans Forever, Sherrie & Dean, March 16 

  •  Thank you, Richie and the Fabulous 50s for an outstanding evening of entertainment at the North High Post Prom Nifty 50s Sock Hop last night !!  We are grateful to you for helping us raise money for the 2008 Post Prom celebration.  Thanks to your loyal fan base for supporting you and in turn the Post Prom celebration.  You are wise beyond your youthful age, Richie.  I hope last night will excite some of your North High classmates to attend future gigs.  God bless you, your Mom and Dad, your band members, and your fan base for making last night a HUGE success and a whole lot of fun !  Barb Bloomquist,  March 9 

  • Your Website is wonderful and looks like you are and will be very busy this year.  Our best to you always, fans forever, Sherrie & Dean, Feb 23 

  •  How are you doing? I think you are great.  Rosie, Feb 21

  •  Richie,  We had so much fun last night at Lake Robbins with you and your new band and your parents!!  Your new band is great, you guys all just sound great together!!  You just keep getting better and better..  keep up your great music, we will definitely keep coming back!!   Rick and Noelle, Feb 17

  •  Thanks a million for the CD. Glad to see you in Spirit Lake. Bill (Buddy) and Sue (Peggy Sue) Girres Feb 17

  •  Hi Richie, just love watching you perform to my favorite music, 50's & 60's. Please keep me posted via emails.  Sherry Henle,  Feb 9 

  •  Dear Richie,  we are so excited to have you come to our town for our celebration.  My husband and I saw you in Clear Lake.  Let us know if we can do anything for you.  Verla & Perry,  Feb 8

  •  Dear Richie and family,   Thank you so much for being here Friday night for the Winter Games Rock The Roof. You did a great job and everyone really enjoyed the show!  Thanks again for everything. See you in Clear Lake.  Doris, Jan 28

  •  Richie,  Hope this e-mail finds you well.  Thanks for playing at the Addam C Medina Foundation benefit.  You were the hit of the night.  (I knew you would be)  People are still talking about it.  I had a blast singing with you!  You are a joy to perform with.  We all really want to have you back!!!!! Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.  Give my regards to your family.  Becky,  Jan 28

  •  I very much enjoyed my blast from the past at the Downtown Ballroom in Fort Dodge, Iowa on Jan. 18 - your performance, Richie, and that of your band made being out on the coldest night of the year at least seem a little bit sensible but certainly very enjoyable.  I look forward to attending more of your performances, so come to this area again soon!  Wouldn't mind, however, if a warmer night - at least outside - was picked - but the mood inside was warm with nostalgia that night anyway. Leane Bodle Jan 25

  •  We attended Richie's performance last Friday night at the Ballroom in Fort Dodge.  We had a very enjoyable evening.  Does Richie have anymore albums beside the one that we bought that night. If so are the songs different than on it.  I would be interested in purchasing one let me know what the cost and the name of the song might be. Hope he can come back to Fort Dodge soon.  Thanks, Sharen Jan 23


  •  So when you coming to Sioux Falls young man?  You do Buddy justice and I want to see you again.!!! George, Jan 5

  •  Richie, you were great New Years Eve at the Kato Ballroom! You also have a GREAT BAND!! We sure had a good time, & it was great to see a full crowd again at the Kato Ballroom.  Sue  Jan 5

  •  Hey Richie! We were at the Kato Ballroom New Year's Eve 2007. We were very impressed. My husband and I had more fun Swing dancing than we've had in a long time! You were great and your selection of music was perfect for our style of Swing. You are very talented! You will go far in this world if you keep your head on your shoulders. Don't let show biz get the better of you. People are attracted to your authenticity and charm! Stay true to your convictions. Living in MN doesn't afford us the opportunity to see you often, but we hope to see you at the Kato Ballroom again in the future!  Tim and Linda G. Jan 4

  •  The New Year’s Eve show was so smooth the sound was incredible, and it was lots of fun. I think the crowd had a good time too. They really know how to dance, very impressive. Richie has something very special, and it comes across for spectators to see.  Rick,  Jan 2

  •  Richie did pretty good with the song 'Running Bear'.  All the persons with us that night enjoyed the dance and band.  I heard NO complaints at all.   Dick,  Jan 2

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