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  •   What a great show New Year's Eve at Riverside Casino. The dance floor was full all night long. The horns and dancers were really a great addition to the band hope you use them more often. Was really fun watching them during "Secret Agent Man".  Marge 1-1-13
  •  We have had a great time this year with all of you! Gary 12-22-12
  •   Best Wishes to you and your family. Hope to see you in Clear Lake in February. Michael 12-22-12
  •  Hi Richie... I would love to be with you on New Years Eve,  The best ever New Years Eve celebration was with you here in Mankato a few years ago,  sure wish it would be again here...I wish your Mom & Dad, You and your family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   Enjoy the holidays to the fullest and it will be a very joyful one.  I reminisce the wonderful times that Tom and I have had at your performances.  No other band performances has ever or will ever top yours. God Bless and have a bountiful and Healthy New Year. Lynnette  12-12-12
  •  Wish he was here in Mankato, MN for New Years this time, but I guess not maybe next year. Dick 12-12-12
  •  Very impressive show last week at Grand Falls Casino. We will go back the next time you are there. Joan 11-14-12
  •  Fantastic show, Love the new songs, can't wait till you come back here again! Judy 11-12-12
  •  WOW, glad we came early to get a seat as the room was full, good show. Love to hear you sing our favorite songs. Dick 11-12-12
  •  First time we have been to the Grand Falls Casino. Great show glad we drove over 100 miles to it and hope to keep coming back. It is so great that you are keeping the 50's alive with the music and every song sounds like the original artist. Great meeting you. Gretchen 11-12-12
  •  Awesome! I haven't enjoyed dancing to rock'n' roll music this much in many years. I didn't want to leave the dance floor. It was like they took us all back a step in time and we were teenagers again. There will never be music like there was back then. Thank you for bringing this great band to the banquet and for helping to keep the 50's alive. I would love to se them back again next year, and I'll bet a lot of other people feel the same way. Thanks for the trip back in time, MSRA! I Loved It! Pat 11-2-12
  •  MSRA thank you for having this great 50's band for our banquet. It was extraordinary, the best ever anywhere. I would drive many, many miles just to hear them. You really out did yourselves on this one. Thank you, George 11-2-12
  •  Its always good when Richie is here 11-12-12
  •  Great show at Medina Ballroom with your music, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Deb 11-2-12
  •  WOW your unforgettable.  I heard you sing on a noon news program a year or so ago around fair time.  Your voice is A++ WOW even though I'm not of that Generation you bring that cultural high school sweetheart feel of the 50's ALIVE.  Love you Richie Lee.  Your Awesome Awesome and Awesome again. Nice site. Greg 10-31-12
  •  We really enjoyed the whole show at Medina Ballroom for the MSRA party all the way through and boy the dance floor was full all night long. Thanks for coming back to MN we love you. Hope to see you back again soon. Mary 10-14-12
  •  Hi Richie, I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your performance at the MSRA'S Volunteer party at the Medina Ballroom last evening.  I haven't enjoyed dancing to rock and roll music this much in many years.  It was like you took us all back a step in time.  There will never be music like there was back then.  You and your band are awesome, thanks for keeping the 50's alive.  I'm hoping we will be able to see you there again next year. Thanks for the trip back in time - I LOVED IT!!  Pat 10-12-12 
  •  The Richie Lee show at the KATO Ballroom was awesome. What a lot of fun! And it was great to see so many people out on the dance floor the entire time! Thanks especially to Sonny Bryant for making a guest appearance with us!  Karen 10-13-12
  •  Miss you in Detroit Lakes, MN, looking forward to you playing here again. Ida 9-30-12
  •  We want to thank everyone for a great evening at Storm'n Norman's. Richie Lee first showcased for us when he was 12 yrs old, he is now 21 and he is truly amazing. A great performer and a truly great person. He has so many followers that travel where ever he is as they don't want to miss a single performance. The Vinyl Kings and Richie are a perfect match. Truly Rock and Roll at its finest. We so appreciate The Vinyl Kings and their talent teaming up with Richie. Thank you to all for supporting Storm'n Norman's. 9-24-12
  •  We are REALLY looking forward to seeing you again in Mankato!  So looking forward to October!  Mary 9-12-12
  •  Great to see Connie Valens on stage with you singing her brothers, Ritchie Valens songs. Loved the show. Ann 12-1-12
  •  Your show was fantastic again! Sure glad to see you back at Arnold's Park and hope you will be back again soon. Hazel 9-1-12
  •  It was a full day for the Kick Off to the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Induction Weekend. We had a record number of people at the Lifetime Members Party... followed by the Richie Lee Concert. Fabulously Fun! Connie 9-1-12
  •  Minnesota welcomes you to come anytime, love the good o'l Rock'n Roll Music. Thanks for bringing back so many good memories. Betty 7-17-12
  •  You are just FABULOUS!!! Can't believe you are so young and play all the great oldies so well. We enjoyed it very much. Peggy 7-17-12
  •  Nice to see you on a round stage, love the way move around. Will be watching to see when you come to our area again soon I hope! Mary 7-17-12
  •  Great to have you back in MN again. We love the way you sing and perform, loved the show at Mystic Lake hope you are back again soon. Pat 7-17-12
  •  You just get better and better every time we come to see you, keep the music alive and we will keep coming to see you. Diane 7-16-12
  •  Saw you at Mystic Lake and was wondering if you will be make in the area? Notice mostly in Iowa.Thanks, Kathy 7-15-12
  •  I watched your show at Mystic last night...it was awesome! Robyn 7-15-12
  •  The crowd was wild with your music, sounds like you will be again next year and we cannot wait. Thanks for coming to our town. Jerry 7-14-12
  •  WOW what a show in Jesup, IA last night. Sure glad you guys played an extra hour so we could keep on dancing the night away! Carol 7-14-12
  •  Thank you for the great show you put on July 4th in Northwood IA. The 95 degree weather didn't help. But you did a great job and I really appreciate it Randy 7-10-12
  •  Sure was great to see you back at Grand Falls Casino, all your shows were very energetic and lots of fun to hear this music! thank you Ken 7-8-12
  •  What a show at the Isle of Capri in Waterloo this weekend, best ever. Can not wait until you return again soon! Jan 6-17-12
  •  Just heard Richie Lee in Raton, NM, enjoyed the music, now need the CD in the car when we travel. Fonda  5-22-12
  •  J Love the music, I have been to several shows and definitely plan on continuing to attend. Ashley 5-17-12
  •  Congratulations on your 35 day tour!  I bet it was wonderful! We love your music - will see you this summer!  Rock On  5-16-12
  •  My friend and I attended your fabulous concert in Newcastle, WY on May 10th. I would drive a long way to see another performance of Richie Lee. He is an awesome young performer and I can't remember when I have seen such wonderful talent... He and his band are just Super Great. Thanks !!!!!!!  Sandi 5-11-12
  •  Hello................we saw the concert in Hot Springs, SD on May 8th................It was WONDERFUL Tamara 5-10-12
  •  Fantastic Moves...love the way you play those guitars and the drums wow "Wipe Out" you Rock Man! Dan 5-9-12
  •  Your guitar playing was just awesome. Great job! Jason 5-8-12
  •  Love your sparkly clothes, they really make you stand out and you wear them very well.  Jane 5-7-12
  •  Rock On Richie, this was one of the best shows we have had. Love the ELVIS!!! Please come back again. Pat 5-6-12
  •  Raton, NM was ROCKed last night!!! Best show ever, you just have to come here again soon. Alissa 5-4-12
  •  Boy can you move on stage! Glad to see someone so young keeping the 'Music Alive' Rave ON!!! George 5-3-12
  •  You look so much like Buddy Holly did and sound even better. We would go to more of your shows if you come back to our area. Brought back so many memories of the good'Ol Days, the 50's were the best years...Karen 5-2-12
  •  My husband has Alzheimer's, but I brought him to your Concert last night in Craig, Colorado and we had an evening of magical respite.  He so enjoyed the music and we talked all the way home (30 miles) of old times that your music reminded him of.  What an uplifting, energetic and entertaining evening! Thank you and your Band for a WOW performance! Lois 5/2/12
  •  ELVIS!!! was fantastic, loved the encore. This was the best show, well worth the it. Helen 5-2-12
  •  Your an inspiration to everyone! Keep up the great job! Joyce 5-1-12
  •  This has been the most entertaining performance we have had for our concert series. Thank you for coming and hope to see you again soon. Marg 5-1-12
  •  Loved watching you play the drums to "Wipe Out", you were much better than most drummers! Betty 4-30-12
  •  My sister has heard so much about you from me that when she saw that you would be coming to North Platte, she knew that she wanted to attend.  I know that she won't be disappointed.  Thanks, Richie Kathy 4-26-12
  •  Wow.... you're on your way to Willliston, North Dakota, and we are SO ready to have a wonderful time dancing to your R&R at "The Well" @ Williston State College!! Jacki 4-24-12
  •  Richie Lee, words cannot be put together on the talent that you left in Marshall, MN.  I have seen many and you are number 1.  Keep  it up, you will go miles. Thanks, Carol 4-22-12
  •   I just saw your performance at  Marshall, MN. OMG you and your band were AWESOME!  Di 4-22-12
  •  Wonderful concert last night in Blue Earth by Richie Lee, full house and 2 hours long. Diane would of loved being there. Armond 4-22-12
  •  So glad you came to our town tonight and hope you come back to our area again. The auditorium was full some had to stand in the back. You brought back so many great memories, thank you.  Norm 4-21-12
  •  You brought back allot of memories from the fifties and sixties. Your show here in Medford WI was outstanding. The range of your voice is unbelievable. You guys got to get a gig in Vegas!! Lois 4-20-12
  •  Absolutely loved the performance, very pleasant and polite after the concert. 4-20-12
  •  What a great performance last night at the Stillman Auditorium in Clear Lake, Iowa. You just have to come back and play for the "Winter Dance Party" in February, you would add so much to the main stage.  Janet 4-18-12
  •  You brought back a lot of memories from the fifties and sixties. Your show here in Medford WI was outstanding. The range of your voice is unbelievable. You guys got to get a gig in Vegas!!  Mark & Lois 4-18-12
  •  You were great last night, made feel young again. Please come back soon. Jan 4-18-12
  •  We heard you last nite in Clear Lake, Iowa and you were AWED by your performance!  We have followed you since we first heard you at CL when you were 14, and you have amazed us every time with your talent!  It was wonderful, wish you could have played MORE though!  Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us and we hope to hear you again soon, Kay and Gloria 4-18-12
  •   You are an artist who impersonates Buddy to a T Gordy 4-16-12
  •  Great selections for the concert series tour, played songs most bands do not play. Ben 4-14-12
  •  Saw you at Mesquaki on Sunday at the Elvis contest.  You did great!!! Sally 1-14-12
  •  Richie Lee rocks his music is really awesome. 1-14-12
  •  I do think you are the greatest.......thank you for being you. Connie 1-10-12
  •  Hey Richie,  Hopefully we see you in Clear Lake?????? O-Boy  Lenny 1-10-12


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