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  •  Saw you for the first time at your "Richie Lee turns 21 Birthday Bash" at Riverside Casino. Great time and performance. Hard to believe that you are only 21. Perform like an aged pro. Web site is now in my favorites and will check often to see where you will be performing. Good luck (not that you will need it) with your future. Vickie Feb 19

  •  Richie,  You guys did an outstanding job Saturday night. The comments we have received have been very positive and most commented that it was the best Christmas Party we have ever had!!! THANK YOU for everything you did to make our night special.  We look forward to seeing you play at Riverside.  Thank you Jeff, Nov 29

  •  Hey Richie, you did a great, great, great job at the Reunion Show! I can't thank you enough for helping out like you do. Thank you and anytime I can help just let me know. Melvin Nov 10

  •  Richie is always a joy to watch and listen to..he is a show in himself!...always polite and keeps the dance going from one song to the next. What a wonderful young man and entertainer. We wish him the best. Pam Oct 23

  •  Richie, what a show you put on at Pzazz! in Burlington!  Unbelievable, as always!  You have to be in Clear Lake this year!  We've watched you grow from a little boy who was good to a grown boy who has honed his skills as a musician, singer, entertainer, etc.  You rock, Richie!!! The Burlington girls!!!!" Oct 3

  •  The band was great, I think you have many more fans now, they can not stop talking about what a good time they had and what a difference Richie made...love you all....Butch Sept 27 

  •  Hi, Mr. Hollywood, we have our tickets to the Oct 2nd. Rock & Roll reunion and are looking forward to seeing you once again, we are also bringing another couple along to see you for the first time!! We saw you in Adel, followed you to Atlantic!!  We also saw two of your concerts at the Iowa State Fair!! You know youíre good when we sat through that many of your shows!! Hope you have plenty of Richie Lee T-Shirts on hand this time as we plan to buy one or two!!  God Bless, Take care, till we meet once again and keep up the good work!!  Your friends!!  Shirley Sept 26

  •  Thank you so much! We are looking forward to having Richie Lee back again in November. We enjoyed his performance thoroughly. Have a great week. Megan Sept 9

  •  "Ritchie Lee rocked!!  Congrats Ritchie!!"  Jon Sept 8

  •  WOW, You were awesome.  So many people enjoyed your performance.  We are getting such wonderful feedback from all of the people who heard you.  The ones who did not make it out to hear you are feeling pretty upset.  Not too many people around here had heard of you but they know about you now.  We thank you so much for coming to Salem and if I have my way, I want you back again next year.  Again thank you for coming and hope to see you in the future.  I am enjoying your c.d. that we bought.  The other one I bought is a Christmas present for my high school friend.  Judy August 31

  •  Congrats!  Very cool. We love you Richie. Backyard Blues and the family of Ritchie Valens send their best!  The Backyard Blues Band Aug 28

  •  Hi Richie, I just wanted to say that Saturday nights concert was awesome at the State fair. I thought it was awesome when you came down from the stage and into the crowd while you were playing your guitar during the song pipe line. And I thought it was awesome when you sang happy birthday to someone in the crowd. Thank you for signing my t-shirt, button, and my two pictures. I gave my friend Trina the picture you signed when you were dressed as Buddy. I thought that she might like that. Iím glad that I got my picture taken with you. It was awesome. What is your fan club address so I can write to you? Good luck with your career. Your Friend and Fan, Daisy  August 23

  •  You sound really good. Iím 30 yrs old and 50's & 60's oldies rock-n-roll is all I listen to itís the best. I wear 50'sh style shirts and I use hair grease and I have 50'sh hair style any I saw your shiny jackets and nice shirts and I was wondering where you got them from thanks for your time rock on August 23

  •  Hi Richie, Saw you last night at the 9:30 show at the fair, a great time! You sound better every year! Bringing friends to the Val Air in October. See you then!
    Miss Radcliffe August 23

  •  Hi, Richie!  It was good to see you again at the fair Saturday night.  I would have liked to talk to you longer but you are in such demand now.  As I was watching you perform, I couldnít help to think back 5 years when I first met you.  I am still very proud of you. Even though it was so hot that evening, it didnít prevent you and your band from putting on a great show.   Keep up the great work, Richie!   Kathy August 23

  •  I really enjoyed your show, and I listen everyday in my car to your music. Keep it up and you will be very famous.  Adel August 23

  •  Saw you in Adel last week and will see you at the state fair this weekend Ė probably one of the Sat Shows. Love your CD. Tom August 20

  •  Oh how I miss going to your shows.  I looked at the schedule and there are no Sundays listed which are my free days now.  I was playing a Buddy CD today so I told a few of my workers about you and how awesome your shows are.  I hope we get to rock out at one of your shows soon!  Tawnya July  22

  •  Hey I just saw you play tonight in Northwood! You were great! I was the girl in the pink shirt with my grandma and grandpa lol they loved the show too! Thanks for playing I really enjoyed it! :) Shelby Bunch July 3

  •  Glad you are playing at the State Fair where more people will get to see and hear you. Your awesome!!! Look forward to seeing you! In His love, Dixie & Joan too! June26

  •  Love your voice and music. Marlene  June 21

  •  FUN FUN FUN!  My grandson, is a true fan! Show was great last night, thanks again Candy June 13

  •  I went to the Rendezvous on Riverview concert last night, very nice crowd. I love your music. June 5

  •  Richie, why arenít you signed with Paul McCartney yet? You need to get out of Iowa and get discovered. You were the best performer at the Rockabilly show and they would be smart to put you on the tour. Dana June 3

  •  Richie Lee rocks Davenport, Iowa one more time--it was great at the Col Ballroom. I brought the mayor of Davenport and he thought so too---keep rocked and we will see you 9/25/10 at our reunion....Butch June 1

  •  Awesome show at the COL, come back soon!  May 30

  •  I have said it before but it is worth repeating, Your musical talent only pales in comparison to the fine person you are.  You exemplify what we believe, using your talent In a positive healthy way to make your life and the lives of those around you better.  I am honored to know you and call you friend.  Most sincerely, Becky May 20

  •  Enjoyed both shows in Fergus Falls, MN, you have a great talent! Hope you can come back to Fergus Falls soon. Don and Cathy April 15 

  •  I helped Richie when he made his first CD.  I was there when he named his band the Fabulous 50's and I remember doing some demo recordings in his parents living room just for fun, and getting his dad to sing. Those days were a lot of fun, thanks Richie for those memories.  Jack & Chris April 11

  •  My fiancť and I have been going to Richie Lee since he was 13. Mainly at Electric Park in Waterloo. He was good then and gets better every year. Going to see him again tonight 4/2!  Rock & Roll!!  

  •  Awesome!  I am so looking forward to working with and seeing Richie again.  Great young man, amazing talent, wonderful family.  What's not to like! I wish there were more young people with his character and values.  It's not just about his choice of music; it is about who he is as a person.  I will try and see him at the Iowa State fair. Rebecca March 23

  •  I found the web site for the singer Richie Lee that sang at the KATO last week end. This kid will go far. He's great! March 16

  •  KATO BALLROOM.   Richie.  A bunch of us 'older' folks' who actually saw Buddy sing live in 1959 went and saw you sing in Mankato, and the whole group was just fantastic!  Please come back again soon and bring Buddy back on stage where he actually played on live in 1959 again. Everyone was heard to say how great the show was.  Thanks for a great time.  Hope you come back soon!   Had a person tell me today that this was the best band concert he has 'ever' been to at the Kato Ballroom.  Everyone said it was great.  Sure liked his Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and Ritchie Valens songs plus the woman singing Patsy Cline.  Never been to a 60's dance for years that had strings and a bass fiddle in the band.  It was Very good. Dick March 16

  •  Richies' shows were above fantastic and looking forward to see what is down the pike for him!! C March 15

  •  I was just at the show you did at the Kato ballroom. Very exciting! The first time I saw you was on the last tour, last year. I wish you came up north more! He is everything that is exciting about rockín roll---I'm sure Buddy Holly is looking down, proud of him! I just have rock n roll excitement! Keep up the good work! Andrew March 15

  •  Hey! So I know this is late, but I saw your show in Grand Forks, ND, and it was amazing! I loved it! I was also listening to your CD, and wondered if you sang any Frankie Valli, 'cuz your falsetto is impressive! I hope you come back to GF, cuz I'd love to see your show again. Brittany March 15

  •  Grand Forks Show 3-6-10 Richie, my daughter and I saw the show last night and spoke to you afterwards. You were absolutely amazing. I felt so very proud of how accomplished you are. You have Buddy's moves down; I would have sworn it was him. It was just wonderful. Thank you for a wonderful night. Mary March 7

  •  Richie, It sounds like you are doing everything right. Keep you head and keep looking forward. You have a real talent... great parents and a very good look. You are truly blessed. All the best to you, Keith March 3

  •  Awesome show last night Richie! We all had such a great time, and can't wait to come back next time you are fabulous! Norm March 1

  •  Richie is the easiest guy to work with, I believe he has a God given talent. Keith Feb 17

  •  Hi! it was great seeing all of you last weekend and hearing Richie sing and entertain us for 2 hours at The Island.  Wow!  It was great! Thank you. Joan & Merle Feb 14

  •  Hi Richie, It was great to see you at Clear Lake. Your gig at the Island was really good.  You are the only one I have heard get the 'Peggy Sue' riff exactly right, and also the words to 'La Bamba' exactly right. Hope to make it again next year. BTW I noticed the DVD of your gig on 2/3 being played behind you. If so, how can I get a copy? Beat wishes, Rave On, Mike Delf  England Feb 13

  •  Please, oh please come to Ohio. As a big Buddy fan, I need to see this. Despite the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame in Cleveland, there are never any tributes to the iconic Buddy here. No theatre productions, no radio specials. Nothing. One of these years before I die, I will make it to Clear Lake. Until then, I await Richie. Come to Ohio please!!! Karen Feb 23 

  •  We had a wonderful time Saturday night with Richie and his group. They have a great sound and his back up guys are all excellent musicians.  I am sure you have heard this before, but we were very impressed with Richie's performance.  Great instrumentals, great singing, great authenticity of the 50's sound.   Just as important, we were really happy to see that Richie is such a nice young man.  He obviously loves what he is doing and is very good at it, but he also takes time to be kind to everyone:  our staff and employees, his fans, everyone.   That is pretty rare with kids these days.  To see and hear it from one who has been so successful so early in his life is very heart-warming.  Speaking of fans, Richie's fans are great and contributed much to the success of the evening.  They obviously love to dance, but, at the same time, really showed their appreciation to the guys on stage.   Although his "regulars" made up the majority of our audience Saturday night, there were a pretty hefty number who had never seen him before.  He certainly grew his fan base with those folks. Tom at the Iowa Theatre Artists Company Jan 25 

  •  Not only was Richie and his band an awesome talent, they were very cooperative, friendly and easy to work with. They are a breath of fresh air compared to some shows we work with! BF Jan 20

  •  We saw your show in Burlington, IA on Sunday night.  It was fabulous.  We will be bringing friends to a show in Riverside.  Thank you all. You are very authentic and talented.  Wonderful band as well.  lowcl  Jan 19

  •   I'm very proud of you. Hope to see you soon with all the family. A very blessed New Year to come. Keep Rocking with the 50's. Love your friend always, Goldie Jan 16

  •  Congratulations Richie!!!  You are so deserving of the IRRMA Spirit Award! Your Rock n' Roll friends, Joan & Dixie Jan 15 

  •  Congratulations Richie.....you da man...keep ROCKIN buddy...... Dave Jan 15

  •  This is great news. You deserve the award. We will have to come see you receive it.  Marcia Jan 5

  •  Congrats on the award. This is spectacular!! We'll have to be at Arnold's that weekend for at least one of the days. Steve Jan 6

  •  We wish that we had a reason to contract "Richie Lee & the Fabulous 50's" again. We all enjoyed your playing at out International SDC Convention last summer. Best Wishes to you all.  Alan & Marlene Jan 5

  •  You're doing a great job keeping Rock 'n Roll alive Please keep up the good work! Raymond Jan 5

  •  Richie, I send a hearty congratulation on being the first one to receive the new Spirit Award from the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame. It was announced today and I was thrilled. It's neat too that you are getting it at the same time that the late J. P. Richardson is getting inducted. I'll be there to see you get your certainly justified award Labor Day weekend!! Raymond Russell Jan 4

  •  We were visiting friends in Burlington, Iowa and they took us to your concert New Year's Eve.  We live in northern IL.  We had a great time and enjoyed you and your band.  You really made "The Show must go on" true that evening.  Thanks for a wonderful time!!  Dianne & Dan  Jan 4 

  •  WOW! Richie what a show you put on New Years Eve, fantastic. You have to be one of Iowa's most talented performers. We all wish you the best in the new year and hope you travel to far places. We will be looking for you in the tabloids. Dianne Jan 1

  •  The KATO Ballroom in Mankato, MN sure did miss you last night, the last 2 new years eve band with you were so much better. You have so much more talent and hope you are back here again very soon as we miss you. Happy New Year! Sal Jan 1

  •  Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens - two of the most influential Rock NíRoll artists of all time - live on in the incredible sights and sounds of Richie Lee & The Fabulous 50ís. Richieís performance is so accurate, itís as if Buddy Holly walked out of the past and onto the stage!

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